Puzzlecrafters 1.0.2

Puzzlecrafters 1.0.2


Size:36.3 MB

Date Added:10 March, 2014

Author: Dylan Janeke

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Puzzlecrafters is the first application to successfully combine an engaging Jigsaw Puzzle simulator, progressive content creation and a thriving virtual economy.

An introduction video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_lVHo4fAlY

* Random Levels
* No advertisements
* Create and sell custom designed Jigsaw Puzzles
* Level Progression and Loot
* Game Center Integration
* Elective Leaderboards
* Play without an Internet Connection

- Random Levels

Puzzle pieces are generated randomly - this means no 2 games will ever be the same, enabling maximum replay-ability.

- No Advertisements

In all honesty, advertisements are quite annoying. We decided to take the monetary punch and exclude advertisements, we want you to enjoy this app more than anything. The application was designed that you could play it for years without ever spending any real money. We added the ability to purchase additional coins, this is mainly to cover our server costs and to serve players who wish to skip past the economy game and build puzzles.

- Design and sell custom Jigsaw Puzzles

Create a custom Jigsaw Puzzle by using images stored in your Photo Album, Camera Roll or even by taking a live photo. Custom Puzzles can optionally be published in the Market, which will allow users to purchase your creations and earn you some extra coins to spend on building your own collections.

- Level Progression and Loot

We borrowed a few concepts found mainly in Role Playing games. We wanted you to feel like playing the game was rewarding and we think you will thoroughly enjoy this system. Whenever you finish playing a Jigsaw Puzzle, your score will be reported to the server. The server will perform a random number calculation and award you with a certain amount of coins and experience points. Experience points will cumulate and when you reach the threshold, you will Level up.

Levelling up increases your coin find by 3%. In simpler terms; playing more yields more rewarding gameplay. Additional bonuses to both experience find and gold find can be achieved by adjusting the difficulty. In simpler terms: Playing harder difficulties yields more rewarding gameplay.

- Game Center Integration

We use Game Centre to define a type of ladder system. The ladder is a leader board which contains the current total accumulated experience of a player. The topmost player will be the person who has the highest level. We think it adds an interesting dynamic when we see players going head-to-head to reach the top of the ladder.

- Elective Leaderboards

We found that every player has unique needs and we designed elective leader boards with that in mind. Elective leader boards are available on all Jigsaw Puzzles that have been published in the Market.

Elective leader boards are leader boards specific to a Jigsaw Puzzle and a difficulty, allowing you to compete with like-minded players.

- Play without an internet connection

We want you to play everywhere, if you"re in the subway and you have no internet we still want to see you playing. We made puzzle building work without requiring an active internet connection. But unfortunately, some features will not work when an internet connection isn"t available; examples of these are: Market, Experience Gain and Coin Find.

We want you to enjoy every aspect of the game, but we also take cheating very seriously, so some things are just better left to the server.

- Market Censorship

We want all ages, all races and all types of people to enjoy our game. Whenever a custom puzzle is crafted and published in the Market, it will initially go through a review process. We will ensure that no pornographic or offensive material makes its way into our Market.

*** We hope you love it as much as we do and we can"t wait to see what you create! ***

System Requirements: Requires iOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Systems: iOS

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